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January 05th, 2007

Music industry executives will have to live on the streets!

Filed under: Attitude,Cutting the crap,Music — jm @ 17:17

These poor people. If someone would finally create a food-shelter for them that I could donate to…

From this article titled “US album sales drop 4.9% in 2006” at the BBC:

Album sales in the United States – on CD and through legal downloads – fell by 4.9% in 2006, according to research company Nielsen Soundscan.

The most interesting part comes right after that, though:

But the growth of digital music, especially the purchasing of individual songs, meant music sales rose by 19.4% overall, compared to the previous year.

Digital single-track sales were up by two-thirds, while twice as many digital albums were sold as in 2005.

What editor was out of his mind enough that he tried to depict this news message in a negative light? Idiot!

I understand him, though, because the article’s original ending (which has since been deleted by the BBC) was:

However, one anonymous music industry executive, while being interviewed at the local soup kitchen, told us: “if the piracy trend continues, and you don’t pay my $200,000 bonus, terrorists are going to come flying from space and then music will vanish forever