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September 29th, 2011

The last two years

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Today we officially announced the project that I've been working on since 2009. We're building a next-generation API for paid content over at LaterPay and it's awesome :-).

January 01st, 2010


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... and here we are :-). Happy new year, everybody.

2009 was a good year. I finally graduated after I finished taking courses in 2007 but then had to manage two big projects all through 2008, which didn't leave me the time to put all the paperwork in until last year. But I got a lot of new projects on the road and a lot of things done.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do much for maurus.net. However, right over the last few days, I finally found the time to start bringing my notes on Sun Java Calendar Server 7 online.

January 09th, 2009

The new year

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I blinked and it was 2009.

So first of all: Happy New Year to everybody reading this. I have a whole bunch of posts that didn't make it last year because I was wrapped up in a lot of projects, but I'm planning on updating the weblog again as the stress level goes down :-).

October 08th, 2008

Wall Street

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As seen on jwz's.

August 20th, 2008

Django and Java

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For some reason, I get some search traffic for the string "Django Java". I don't know why. Still, I want to address what I think these people are searching for a bit here.

First of all, Jython-compatibility is in Django 1.0.

Still, there is no framework like Django being written in Java. There's not. There are hundreds of web frameworks for Java, though. On a very high level, some focus on abstracting the web away (Echo2 and 3, Eclipse RAP, Google GWT), some focus on abstracting Java away (Grails, Tapestry), some find a way in the middle (Spring MVC, Struts2).

The one thing that comes close to Django in my opinion is Tapestry 5.0. However, Tapestry does bring with it a lot of very advanced web development architecture that is not necessarily what you're after. Working with Tapestry requires you to subscribe to component-oriented development and the usage of a dependency injection container and if you want to realize its full potential, you'll need a couple of additional technologies like ORM in the form of JPA or at least plain-old Hibernate.

It is important for me that I make the point that many of the current scripting language-based web frameworks seem to be going through much of the learning curve that led to all these Java technologies, but some, like the Java AOP stacks can be avoided completely by using a language that has functional aspects to it, like Python or Ruby. Not PHP. Never use PHP for anthing serious anyway.

So, by all means, if you're developing in Java, either because you have to, or because you've made a conscious decision based on legacy code, for example, or the availability of a mature library of some kind, go ahead and check out Tapestry, which also allows you to develop big parts of your application in Groovy anyway, if you shy away from compiled languages.

But if you're searching for light-weight, quick, easy and architecturally sound web development and prefer to develop in Python, go for Django itself. Since version 1.0alpha2, Django is compatible to the next Jython release (2.5). That means that you can use all the fancy Java libraries you want from your Python code (it will not feel pythonic at all times, though) and still use Django's excellent infrastructure. This will also allow you to run Django on a full-fledged JEE application server.

I, myself, am a bit undecided on what framework to use with Java as there's also Grails to consider and if I had to choose between Django ORM and Hibernate/JPA and I'm using Java anyway, I'd probably go for Hibernate as it has a lot more mature features (like full Lucene integration in Hibernate-Search, "sharding" and most of all: aggregation support, a basic feature that Django ORM still lacks).

So there you go... it again comes down to the question of what tool is the best one for the job at hand :-). I hope this post helps those people who come here searching for an answer. If you need more information, just email me.

July 23rd, 2008


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Poster for Senator Obama's speech in Berlin

I wish I could be there :-).

February 23rd, 2008

WordPress Plug-ins available

Filed under: General,PHP,Technology — jm @ 00:48

I packed up some of the code that I wrote to customize my site. It can be downloaded on my plug-ins page. The first two plug-ins available are:

  • maurusnet_geoip_amazon

    A plug-in that helps to embed Amazon partner links into your site by using MaxMind's GeoIP database to find the right Amazon site (country-wise) for your user.

  • maurusnet_archive_widget

    A plug-in that makes WordPress' default "Archives" sidebar widget more accessible by putting it in a <form>-tag and making it work if JavaScript is disabled. You can see this plug-in in action right next to this post under "Archives"

I hope you find these helpful. If you use them, feel free to drop me a line, or a comment on the plug-in's page. I'd appreciate it.

Also, don't forget that the sourcecode of my bookmark search engine is also available on its help page

February 22nd, 2008

PHP sucks… now even more.

Filed under: General,Java,PHP,Python,Technology — jm @ 01:52

I finally made the time to update I'm sorry, but PHP sucks. This part of my site gets by far the most traffic and I found it important to update it to reflect all the changes that have occurred since I originally wrote it in 2006. I also created a new sub-section on programming languages where I'll write down trivia about Java and Python and other programming languages that I use daily, concentrating on weaknesses and bugs that are less-known, but can become highly volatile for a project.

Of course, I don't have nearly as much material on Java and Python like I had on PHP, but you never know, perhaps I'll even receive a few suggestions :-).

February 06th, 2008

Yay, shipping software rocks

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I always like that feeling when you're getting something out the door, even if it's just a small update to your own site. So check out the new front page. Having just 5 recent links from del.icio.us which additionally required you to allow JavaScript from a different domain always bugged me. This has finally changed.

You can read about the cute little webservice that powers the new front page here. Like most software I write right now, it's written in Python.

Aside from that I refactored a few small bits of the theme

  • The magnifying glass in the header has a darker background to make it more prominent

  • The included copy of Yahoo! UI is now 2.4.1

  • I whipped up a plug-in to modify WordPress' included "Archive" widget so that it's more accessible when it's in select-box form (it lives in a form now and has a "Go"-button)

  • Subsequently I switched off the long monthly archive list in the weblog's sidebar. I wanted to do this to make room for future enhancements.

The beautiful part of it is that I had a good excuse to do all this because I needed to acquaint myself with different autocomplete widgets. Now back to doing real work...

January 27th, 2008

Yes I’m back on the net

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Since the 22nd, we finally have a cable-modem internet setup at our new home. This rocks by the way because I really get the promised 30MBit/s downstream from Kabel Deutschland.

At this point I'm still catching up with thousands of unread weblog entries in my bloglines account (most of which I'll never read) and I'm very thankful for the current writers' strike because that means I don't have to watch many missed episodes of the different TV series I'm following.

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