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November 11th, 2006

WordPress 2.0.5

Filed under: PHP,Technology — jm @ 23:23

This PHP bug (#36705) broke the recent WordPress upgrade to 2.0.5 for some people (running fastcgi). There’s a WordPress plug-in by one of WP’s authors that fixes the issue. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy fix that fixes the problem for all people. If you want to know why, you need to read the discussion of the braindead bug.

It’s one more reason why building maintainable systems in PHP is really, really hard. From the bug’s discussion it seems that PHP’s documented behavior changed silently between versions. It’s not strictly a PHP-only problem, though, as you could also blame fastcgi for its behavior, but changing your API, keeping wrong documentation is exactly what I’ve come to expect from PHP. At least I’ll make sure to check if there’s a similar problem with Python running under fastcgi.

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