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My Wordpress plug-ins

To run this weblog I developed a couple of small plug-ins that provide some new functionality and fix a few grievances that I had with some of Wordpress' defaults. I decided to place them under the GPL v3 so someone else could perhaps create something interesting with them.

Amazon ASIN plug-in

This Wordpress plug-in allows you to use a special placeholder in links that specify an ASIN, an unique identifier for products in Amazon stores. The plug-in will use MaxMind's excellent (and freely available) GEOIP database to find out from what country your user is coming from and automatically generate a link to the correct Amazon website using your partner ID.

In short, this helps you to easily create affiliate links to Amazon products from your Wordpress blog to all current affiliate programs run by Amazon (US, UK, France, Germany, Japan). You can see the plug-in in action on my book list.

Sane archive drop-down plug-in

Wordpress' default archive widget can be configured to show your weblog's monthly archive as a drop-down, automatically generating JavaScript code that directs your user to the selected month. Unfortunately, it does not provide a submit-button or even a <form>-tag. This makes the drop-down unusable for users that have disabled JavaScript or use your website with accessibility technology.

This plug-in provides a new widget "Sane Archive" that provides a <form>-tag and a submit button. You can see it in action in my weblog's sidebar.