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The bookmark search engine

Using it

Using it is really quite easy: simply type text into the input field. If you have JavaScript enabled the page should update automatically with your search results.

What can I find here?

The search-engine processes a database of links that I imported from my del.icio.us account. It contains links that I, at one point, found good enough to assign keywords to them and save them. If you type text into the search field, the search-engine matches your input against the keywords that I've assigned to the links. If no results turn up, it also tries to match your input against the description and notes that I sometimes provided.

So the result should be: interesting links to content I liked. I especially entered links with a relation to web development, django, javascript and java into the database, so that's the topic of most of the content you'll find here.

How does it work?

I wrote 2 server-side scripts, one that runs as a cronjob and imports all my links using del.icio.us' XML-based API and another that provides a JSON-based web-service from maurus.net to your browser. You can look at the source-code of both scripts here:

I also added quite a bit of JavaScript code to my homepage template that wires up YUI's autocomplete widget, a couple of event handlers and a function that communicates with the server, but it's all pretty standard stuff.