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Resources for Oracle Communications Calendar Server (previously known as Sun Java Calendar Server 7)

I'm a big fan of CalDAV calendaring, since the iPhone and Lightning/Sunbird both support it and it's not Microsoft Exchange :-). When the Mozilla Calendar Team announced the availability of Lightning 1.0b1, I immediately set out to create "my perfect network calendar" once again. So far, I've succeeded in finding a few bugs, even fixing some, but I also created an installation that works for the most time. The following pages will help you do the same thing.

Installing Sun Java Calendar Server 7.0 on CentOS 5.6

The above link leads to a step-by-step expert-level guide on installing Sun Java Calendar Server 7 on a CentOS-5 box. It documents the exact way I installed SJCS7 on our production server.

Working around Lightning 1.0 CalDAV bugs

Lightning has multiple bugs in its CalDAV implementation. Luckily, many of them can be worked around on the server-side by modifying the VCALENDAR code that Lightning sends to the server. I wrote a Java Servlet Filter that fixes some of the most annoying bugs I found.