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Books that I recommend

These are all books that I've read in the past. It'll take a while to complete this list, but I'll work on it in the near future.

Project management and software engineering

Software Engineering Survival Guide Cover Software Project Survival Guide
Steve McConnell, Microsoft Press

If you ever find yourself being suddenly promoted and have to manage a software project: this will bring you up to speed. Steve McConnell spent years documenting Microsoft's best practices. Giving hands-on advice, checklists and going in-depth on what to do if you run into problems.

Code Complete Book Cover Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction
Steve McConnell, Microsoft Press

If you need to organize your developer teams or just want the definitive guide on software design and coding best-practices, this book is for you.

Rapid Development Book Cover Rapid Software Development. Taming Wild Software Schedules
Steve McConnell, Microsoft Press

Another book by Steve McConnell. Unfortunately it seems to be out of print. Perhaps a 2nd revision is coming up. This one tells you how to manage software teams, how to avoid classic mistakes, how to identify problems and much more.

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