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German publication: Semantische Wikis für das Wissensmanagement. Reif für den praktischen Einsatz?

von Jonas Maurus, Anton Köstlbacher in Information Wissenschaft & Praxis, 04-2009, P. 225-231, Herausg.: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis e. V

Knowledge management using semantic wikis: Mature technology or bleeding edge?

By now, Wikis have been established as valuable tools in companies as well as in academic environments. Content in wiki-based articles can be easily created, managed and utilized by communities of different sizes. Also, the formal representation of knowledge, using semantic web technologies, for example, has gained momentum. Semantic Wikis offer the potential to combine both in a Social Semantic Web. On one hand, they enable users to collaboratively create articles, just like with a conventional Wiki, on the other they also allow them to collaboratively gather facts in a formal language. This article provides an overview about the currently available systems and shows some common use cases.

German publication: Integration von Workforce Management in die betrieblichen Abläufe

von Matthias Fetsch, Jonas Maurus für comapro Fetsch & Partner [etv 09-2008]

Das Schlagwort Workforce Management beinhaltet das Versprechen, den Einsatz von Mitarbeitern durch die Digitalisierung der Prozesse zu vereinheitlichen und zu optimieren. Dazu reicht es aber nicht, zahlreiche Einzellösungen unter einem Begriff zu vereinen. Die Implementierung eines Workforce Managements muss von Beginn an unter einem einheitlichen Blickwinkel betrachtet werden. Der folgende Artikel zeigt, welche Vorgehensweisen zum Erfolg führen und welche Faktoren dabei zu berücksichtigen sind.

German publication: Einführung von Netzinformationssystemen in EVU

von Matthias Fetsch, Jonas Maurus für comapro Fetsch & Partner [Euro Heat&Power 09-2008]

An Migrationsprojekten im Umfeld von Netzinformationssystemen (NIS) sind viele Interessengruppen beteiligt. Durch die Einbeziehung vieler Einzelfaktoren werden die Projekt sehr komplex. Ziele und Erwartungshaltung müssen unternehmensindividuell und auf einem realistischen Niveau diskutiert werden, um Projekterfolg und anschließenden Prozessnutzen sicherzustellen.

Online publications

Your programming language sucks

PHP sucks. I rushed maurus.net onto the net in 2006, so I could send Tim Bray a link to an article when he wrote a rant about PHP. At the time I was working on an article called "I'm sorry, but PHP sucks", because I was sick of having the same discussion again and again. By now, a lot of other problems have come to my attention and that's why I decided to also post articles on other programming languages here. This is not meant as an indictment of programmers who are using these languages, it's meant as an opportunity to inform yourself about problems that you will run into if you're using them, so you can avoid them and put safeguards in place for other, less informed, programmers.

Writing geocoded distance queries

In this article I write about the lessons that I've learned while implementing an often-requested feature: searching a list of objects for objects that are spatially near certain coordinates. Using Google's Geocoding service and a bit of math that's easily doable.

Funambol connector for Thunderbird notes

I'm trying to help port the Funambol Connector for Thunderbird to Thunderbird 5.0. This page chronicles this effort.

Using Sun Java Calendar Server 7

Oracle Communications Calendar Server is an excellent CalDAV server that works with Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning 1.0. I penned a few articles about how to setup SJCS7 and also wrote a small software package that works around most of the annoying bugs I found in Lightning's CalDAV implementation.

Wordpress Plug-ins

To run this weblog I developed a couple of small plug-ins that provide some new functionality and fix a few grievances that I had with some of Wordpress' defaults. I decided to place them under the GPL v3 so someone else could perhaps create something interesting with them.

Qmail recipes 2: Integrating qmail with nixspam and spamassassin

A advanced "how-to" that shows how to integrate the excellent procmail-based nixspam spam-filter with spamassassin and hook it all up in qmail. This solution, combined with RBL lists, reduced spam on my accounts by 99.9%. Try it!

Compiling Zope 3.2.0 with the free .NET toolchain

This short article documents my struggle to compile Zope 3.2.0 on a Windows box using only free tools.

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Over the years, I've accumulated a few favorite books that I'd like to recommend to you. The list includes books on software engineering and project management, as well as results-oriented psychology (primarily NLP-related).

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